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Fanservice and Cas fans

I’m really concerned that all of this will be for nothing.  And while I appreciate those attempting to put a positive spin on things, again, I truly doubt that there IS a positive spin.  Why?  Well, many have pointed out that Jeremy Carver tends to want to please all the fans, that he puts fanservice in his episodes.  Well, let’s look at this season through the lens of fanservice:

8.1  Cas is mentioned

8.2  Hug scene in a 3 minute flashback

8.5 couple of Cas flashbacks—perhaps 5 minutes of screen time

8.7 & 8.8  Decent Cas episodes, where Cas is integrated into the story and interacts

8.10  Another Cas episode where he is integrated into the story

That’s our fanservice—the Cas fans and the Destiel fans—THREE episodes and 8 minutes worth of flashbacks.

The brothers fanservice?

8.11 to 8.16

8.2, 8.3, 8.6…  NINE EPISODES.  Do you see what I’m getting at?  The writing is on the wall—we aren’t going to get what we want.  

We’ve been attempting to defend JC based on all the awesome things that he’s done this season, but screen time doesn’t lie, folks.  TPTB see the brothers fans as more important and more numerous and so we are not going to get integrated Cas except as isolated episodes here and there.  

And just to put the nail in the coffin?  Misha and Jensen BOTH have made the decision—probably made it a while ago, to consciously portray Dean and Cas as being in love.  Romantically in love.  Yes, Jensen too.  No, I didn’t talk to him, but seriously?  None of Jensen’s acting choices this season make any sense at all unless Jensen is portraying Dean as being in love with Cas.  

Jensen is a good actor and so is Misha.  For whatever reason, this relationship has been allowed to grow quite organically until it’s clear that they are as close as lovers.  We know, they know, the showrunners know that sometime in the future, they ARE lovers.  

If you give Jensen and Misha any screen time at all, they click so hard as Cas and Dean that you have to pry them apart.  Their relationship is at the point of a cup filled to almost overflowing, trembling on the very edge, the tension barely restrained but ready to be released at any instant.  

At almost any high emotion point in the three Cas-integrated episodes, they could have had Dean grab Cas and kiss him and it would not have felt forced.  It would not have seemed out of place.  That’s how far their relationship has come.  But you know the brothers fans don’t like it.  And we know just which set of fans gets the most fanservice.  

So they can’t integrate Cas into the series because that would mean —at some point—resolving the romantic tension between Dean and Cas.  And they won’t do that because that would upset the brothers fans.  And since they can’t resolve it, but they can’t also keep Cas and Dean indefinitely at the fever pitch that they are now (eventually it WILL feel forced and tiring and viewers will revolt), then they can’t have Cas on as a series regular and oh, dear God, I am so.  Mad.  At. This. Stupid.  Show.  

In short, they can’t have Cas on as a regular BECAUSE Jensen and Misha have done such a great job portraying Cas and Dean.  The only way they can continue the high amount of romantic tension is to keep Misha’s appearances brief and scattered. 

I know someone said it would be resolved.  I’m thinking he either changed his mind….or face it, folks.  He was talking about the brothers’ relationship all the time.  

So as far as fanservice goes, I’m convinced that all who were doubtful that JC really intended to take the show in a new direction this season were right. Castiel’s appearances will continue to be brief and scattered, and I do not want to watch that show.  I mean, sure, it might still be a good show—it’s just not the one that I want to watch.  


Edit to add:  oh ya’ll can argue with me if you want.  Please do it politely.  I will certainly read your arguments and I will try to preserve some hope in the shattered bits of my heart.  I’m just really seriously thinking that this screen time ratio is how it’s gonna be and no amount of fussing by us will change it. 

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