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Also known as the ‘choke on your tears and curse Futurama forever’ episode.

Seriously, like five YEARS after my family and I saw the dog episode, we were watching Futurama on netflix and trying to decide which one to watch and the dog episode scrolled by…. Of the six people in the room, everyone unanimously veto’d it.  Comments:

"Oh my god, that episode destroyed my childhood."

"I cried for two weeks after that episode."

"At first I thought it was sweet, then I realized the poor dog died and he NEVER SAW FRY AGAIN!!"   

"That episode traumatized me, seriously."  

"I’m so mad Fry didn’t bring him back to life!"

In my family, the ‘Dog Episode’ is now code for something that purports to be fun but actually destroys your very soul.  

"Poor Bucky!  He’s like the Futurama dog of Captain america!"

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Two ways of dealing with tear gas grenades from comrades in Turkey: Either submerge them in water. Make sure you can close off the container cause the gas will still spread for a while. Or throw them in the fire so the gas burns off before it can spread.

siiiigh…..too old to protest, too young to stop giving a shit….

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Stop for just a second. Imagine how it would be if Jensen and Misha were openly together. They would randomly crash panels where the other one is. They would make each other laugh a lot. They would hug and kiss and dance together on stage. They would blatantly flirt with each other. They would touch a lot. They would tease each other. They would use nicknames for each other. They would often get lost in their own little world, even if they are on a stage in front of many people. They would wear stuff like matching bracelets and perhaps give each other rings. They would mention each other often even if it made no sense. Their panels would basically be them showing off how happily in love they are.

Oh, wait.

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Well, people, I have this friend of mine that was in the private M&G with Jensen Ackles in VanCon this last weekend. She told me some stuff about it and authorized me to tell you something that made her smile.

Since I know things in fandom are difficult these days, I suppose it can make you smile you too, so I decided to actually do it and post it.

Just in case if someone asks:

Has my friend a tumblr account? Yes.
Do I trust her? Completely.
Will I post her username in my blog? No.
Will I tell someone her username privately? No.

Anyway, the thing is she was in this M&G and she was with a very infamous hater of this fandom. I don’t want to name her, because the sole mention of her nickname would bring viruses to my computer haha, but we practically all know her. She likes to say how much Jensen enjoys her inputs of brodependency and how much Jensen agrees with her statements of useless!cas or dean-hates-cas.

Probably she is doing it right now.

And if she does, she is lying.

Let’s say, to summarize, that Jensen Ackles put this person in her place TWICE during his M&G, according to my friend, who was basically and exactly besides them.

First, she started with the whole brodependency speech, and how Sam is the only person for Dean, etc, etc, etc. Jensen Ackles answered her that is really important for Dean to have Castiel and, how much Dean loves having Castiel (literal) and how he wished they’d done more stuff together.

Second, she played the “I’ve heard Castiel thinks Dean is a monster and he wants to kill him cos he doesn’t like him. Is this true?” card and Jensen Ackles answered her with a NO. My friend points out it was a very emphatic “No” as if he was done with that statement.

And that’s it.

I know it’s not much, but it’s a little, and I’m sure this will make you feel better. As usual, I would suggest you not to believe what a hater say, because as is proved in this case, probably it’s not true.

And well… remember Jensen could have been complacent with this person, and he decided against it in a private M&G.

I think it’s cool to share.

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Norman Greenbaum
Spirit in the Sky


This one was never actually used in the GOTG movie (which is too bad cause it’s a great song), but it was used in the second major trailer and is still on the Awesome Mix soundtrack.

More GOTG music here

Supernatural fans will remember this as the song that played in the beginning of 5.02 while Sam and Dean walked through a creepy ass deserted town in the middle of nowhere.  

God, I love it when fandoms collide!

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