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Bisexuality level: Dean Winchester

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"Castiel is entering the season in a bit of a dilemma himself in that he’s in the same place: he’s dying. To survive, he’s got to get his grace…but to do that, he has to kill another angel, and he doesn’t want to do that.” Jeremy Carver quote from here

Ok, so there are several things that I don’t get about Castiel and his deteriorating grace that’s killing him problem.

  1. When he lost his grace at the hands of Metatron it didn’t kill him it turned him into a human. So…why doesn’t he remove the foreign grace if it’s messing with him?
  2. Why would he need to kill another angel to get his own grace back? Is Carver talking about Metatron?
  3. Or does he mean that Cas is considering killing some random angel and stealing his grace?

The general assumption (or at least, what Metatron heavily implied, and the characters onscreen seem to believe whether it’s true or not) is that Cas’ grace was used up by the spell used to expunge the angels from heaven. 

The grace he’s got now is some other angel’s, and obviously it doesn’t fit quite right—think about what happens if you’re given a blood transfusion but it’s not the right type of blood. Your body treats that like a foreign substance and destroys it. This seems to be what’s happening, but in reverse. The foreign blood (grace) is attacking it’s new host. 

Lucky for Cas, that bit of grace he’s stolen is also a source of magic, with which he can keep healing himself. Unlike his original grace though, when he uses it, it gets used up in the process. So the more he has to heal himself, or heal others (Gadreel in 9.23) the less grace he has left to protect himself against that foreign grace. 

He doesn’t need to kill another angel to get his own grace back, just to get any grace. In particular, the grace of the angel he kills. If he replenishes what he’s got, he ends up with enough to stay alive. So, option 3 is what’s being implied. 

(Some of this is slightly extrapolated but JC’s definitely implying #3!)

Thank you, AJ. I thought that Castiel’s own grace had been used up by Metatron in the heaven closing spell, but I was confused by Carver’s wording. This definitely helps. I guess I still don’t get though why he doesn’t just remove the grace rather than attempting to find new grace. Unless maybe that dilemma (kill an angel or become human by expelling the foreign grace) is a plot point for Castiel. It’s like an option that’s not being discussed.

Yup. I’m also confused about why he can’t rip the grace right out and become a human… although I thought I read a spoiler in an interview somewhere (I think it was with Carver) about how Cas would again be faced with the decision of turning human, but I might have imagined that. I think they might just be leading up to Cas doing this (choosing to be human), but for dramatic purposes it could take a while for him to figure out how to do it. Like maybe ripping out grace that didn’t initially belong to you is more complicated?

There could also be some immediate temptation to recharge his grace in order to help/stop demon!Dean at some point. It could really press him into to showing his true colors wrt if he believes Dean can still be saved.

Remember in season 5, Cas was also losing his grace—specifically because he was ‘cut off’ from Heaven.  The more grace he lost, the more human he became—until he was sleeping in the Impala at the end. It would make a lot of sense if that is the situation that ALL the angels are in now—cut off by Metatron’s walls from being able to replenish their grace.  So even if Cas steals grace, it’s still a limited amount and dwindles as it’s used.  

I don’t think Cas will resort to stealing grace again….  so the writers could have everyone finally kill Metatron, and/or take down Heaven’s wall…..which might magically restore Cas’s grace.  As in, his grace is part of the wall, so no more wall, nothing tying up Cas’s grace.  

Or maybe Cas could rip out or use up the foreign grace, which according to season 5, should leave him human or human-like.  

Or the writers might just pull a ‘chuck’ and have God magically heal him.  

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Misha's Zap2it Interview


Zap2it: Where do we find Castiel at the start of Season 10?
Misha Collins: We find Castiel beginning to try to help with the Dean-as-a-demon problem. But he will also be trying to grapple with his own issues because of his fading grace. Castiel is running on stolen angel grace…

Interesting.  Cas has seen Dean in hell, torturing souls and yet he will feel that Demon!Dean isn’t ‘real’ Dean.  So does that mean for Dean, it’s more like he was possessed or souless, rather than corrupted into demonhood?  

Either way, it seems clear that Cas won’t accept Demon!Dean at all, even if DD tries to convince Sam that he’s okay.  

I feel very concerned about the ‘strong, independent storyline’ for Cas since in the past that has meant ‘keep him away from the Winchesters’.  If they’re going to do angel stuff, for God’s sake, find some interesting actors to be angels and don’t one-shot them all!

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Why didn’t you look for me? / Why didn’t you let me go?



Something that is really intriguing me right now is the major contrast between the beginning of season 8, the beginning of season 10. How Sam looking for Dean is being called an “answer” to him not looking for Dean in season 8, according for Carver, but…I don’t think it’s that simple, nor do I think that’s the true intent of this arc. 

What we’re dealing with here are extremes, either you disappeared and I didn’t look for you at all, or you disappeared and I turned into a monster to find you. According to Jensen, Dean isn’t going to be happy with what Sam ends up doing in order to find him. He’s going to ask him why he didn’t just let him go. I think that in Sam’s mind this WILL be his attempt to make up for not looking for Dean when he was in Purgatory, when in reality he is simply feeding into the toxic cycle they are both still trapped in. I wouldn’t expect for him to not search for Dean this time, but it looks like the way he’s going to go about it will be anything but healthy or positive in nature.

For Sam it’s all or nothing though…he either drops out of the life all together, or throws himself headlong into the abyss. He’s either in or he’s out and there’s no middle ground. Between season 7 and season 8 it’s pretty clear Sam was in a very bad place, when he hit the dog that night it’s been theorized by many that he was borderline suicidal and completely lost because Dean was gone. To me it was never about him not caring enough to look, but it was about finally putting an end to that Winchester merry-go-round we are all too familiar with. He wanted to move on and finally be done with it all…so he accepted that Dean was gone…and then he met Amelia.

I do think this is something that caused him immense guilt down the line, but it also served as a glimpse at what Sam truly wants for himself. He wants a life that’s not all killing monsters and the fate of the world resting his shoulders, and for that year that meant cutting himself off from the life completely, leaving Kevin to fend for himself and accepting that his brother was dead. It was one extreme, and now in season 10 we will be seeing another it would seem.

The PR that’s surrounding the show right now is amusing me to be honest, particularly what Jared has been saying, because it’s sort of missing the mark in more ways than one. He’s really emphasizing that “NOW Sam loves Dean and is willing to do anything for him” but…this has never been about love, or a lack thereof. There has never been a lack of love between Sam and Dean, but what there has been is an incredibly unhealthy dynamic for pretty much their entire lives, but that’s another topic for another day.

It’s not about love, the love is already there, it’s about finding some middle ground. Now granted the situation in season 8 was entirely different than this one, but the purpose of this major contrast is still the same in my eyes. We will have seen Sam going to both extremes, and likely realizing neither one of those extremes was the solution to his problems.

Finding balance is clearly something that every character on spn needs to do, and I hope we see this theme playing out as season 10 progresses. Balance between the dark and the light, balance between dropping out all together and sacrificing yourself, and balance between holding on too tight and letting go completely. 

I agree with all this, but I also feel it ties into the idea that they literally can’t win with the current relationship that they have — because Dean was pissed off that Sam didn’t search for him after S7 but he’s going to be pissed off that Sam does search for him now. And that’s part of the toxic relationship — this construction that no matter what Sam does, it’s wrong and Dean is right. Because even if Sam does the ‘right thing’, he’s doing it the ‘wrong way’.

And Carver has made a point of emphasizing this construction but also pointing out that it is a false construct (in 8x23, one of the ‘bad and wrong’ things that Dean told Sam to confess to was actually something Dean had done). It’s part of their relationship that’s broken, this idea that whatever reaction Sam has to current events, it’s the wrong reaction and he should have reacted the way that Dean wanted him to react (even though Dean’s reactions change from event to event, so Sam has no way of being able to guess what the ‘right’ reaction is — just that if Sam did it, it’s probably the wrong one). It’s an invalidation of Sam’s emotional identity on a fundamental level*. Sam’s reactions are only ‘good’ when they’re what Dean wants him to do at that specific moment in time.

* they both have done things to invalidate each other’s emotional realities, and it’s incredibly damaging either way, but I’m concentrating on Dean -> Sam because of the recent spoilers.

Dean IS a controlling person and the person that he wants to control more than anyone is Sam.  (We saw in the season 8 finale that he had finally stopped attempting to control Cas, which was a huge step and another reason why his relationship with Cas is so comparatively healthy compared to his relationship with Sam.)  

But it’s not just that (imo) Dean wants to control Sam for the sake of controlling Sam and it also isn’t that Dean sees everything that Sam does is wrong.  Why does Dean keep trying to control Sam?  

Because he’s afraid that if he doesn’t Sam will..change. Change into a monster…or an environmental lawyer.  From Dean’s pov, is there much difference between the two?  And if Sam changes, then Dean has failed his life’s mission.  What Dean truly wants, what he saw in his heaven, was a happy, healthy younger brother, who was safe.  Who knew that he had to follow Dean’s lead, because Dean is only doing what he has to do to keep Sam safe.  Dean is driven by this desire to preserve Sam, trap him in amber like a fly, where he’s safe, secure, happy…and unchanging.  

He doesn’t want Sam to grow up.  If he does, what is the purpose of Dean’s life?  There is no purpose, and that scares Dean more than anything.  That’s probably why he felt so at peace in the season 9 finale—Sam was safe, he had the bunker and the tools to keep himself safe, he had Cas to look out for him and Dean was dying first.  Dean could finally lay down that burden that has haunted him so long…and he could lay it down knowing that…far beyond his expectations…he had mostly succeeded!  Sam wasn’t a monster, he wasn’t a mainstream environmental lawyer…John would have finally FINALLY approved. 

And Sam strikes out at Dean because Sam has been suffocated by both his father and his brother for his entire life.  Sam is afraid he’ll be stuck in this, stuck being a hunter…forever. He vacillates between struggling to grow up and acting like the child they’ve kept him.  He’s immature and thoughtless and mean, and then sometimes caring and compassionate and wise.  He wants to escape.  He lashes out at Dean almost as if he thinks that Dean will finally get angry back and leave him alone.   Dean, of course, will never do that, and stands in the face of Sam’s hurtful behavior, his steadfastness the ultimate proof of his love.    

I have complained in the past that Sam acts like a teenager..and he does.  This is what teenagers do as they mature.  They fight and bicker with their parents, make themselves believe that they don’t WANT to be at home to make it easier to leave.  Sam’s afraid to leave…and afraid to stay.  He doesn’t want to hurt Dean..except when he does.  

Dean and Sam are both driven by love and fear.  Until they (DEAN especially) are willing to admit and face that, they won’t be able to break out of this cycle.  

(See now this is why I have a hard time seeing how they could resolve this without at least implied Destiel, because who else could give Dean another reason for living?  Who else, other than Castiel- his best friend and life companion, could ease the sting of empty nest syndrome?)

However, TPTB might NOT resolve this toxic relationship —it’s dramatic gold, it’s been working for nine years, if they want to continue SPN through season 11, how can they resolve it? 

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Anonymous asked: Would you call Cas and Dean's relationship 'toxic'? I have just been in the destiew tag ( silly of me i know) and i was just wondering if there was any evidence to counteract this argument? I really want to believe that Dean and Cas would be good for each other :/


HAHAHAHAHA now look at pot calling the kettle black!

Most of the destIewer tag users are either wIncest fans or fans of brothers only and their codependent relationship. Which is so toxic it LITERALLY costed lives of practically every friend the brothers ever had! THIS is the very definition of toxic!

Dean’s whole life is BASED on protecting someone. remember, John said it was his job to prottect Sammy. And when he didn’t, he was punished/yelled at/treated like worthless. This made Dean think that his own life isn’t important, all that matters is Sam Sam Sam. Sam gets the best cereal. Sam gets to eat while he’s hungry. Sam gets to go to college. Sam is smart, he isn’t. He’s a soldier whose only job is to prottect his little brother. To the point of sacrificing his life for him multiple time and getting nothing in return.

Dean is and has been a caretaker his entire life. He even tried to fix things between his mom and his dad (as seen in 5x16). 

Who in these all years has taken care of him?

No one, because he doesn’t let them. 

That’s why Dean needs Cas, to tell him that he’s worthy. That he deserves to be saved.


To tell him that god things do happen.


That everything isn’t his responsibility


Just saying, innocent people didn’t die because of Dean&Castiel’s relationship.

Which is something we can’t say for Sam & Dean’s.

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We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives.
Jared Padalecki on the 200th episode (x)

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