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Anonymous asked: I love how canonically Cas is the hottest and the most lovable person in SPN universe. Like, I don't think there are so many references to the Winchesters' good looks (there are half a dozen about Sam from Becky) as there are about Cas's (pretty boy angel, attractive crying man, sexy God, etc.) and humans, angels and demons start developing feelings for from left and right. Pretty boy angel indeed



Everyone wants to smooch Castiel it is known.


And the Lord GOD, created Castiel the Seraph.  And it was good.  Castiel was neither first among the Heavenly Host, nor was he last.  Created was he as a warrior for the Lord and as a protector for MAN.  And the Lord GOD looked upon Castiel and saw that he was beautiful in form and his countenance well-favored.  And this pleased the LORD.  And the LORD saith, Lo, it is known that Castiel the Seraph is among the most beautiful of OUR children.  And Castiel was modest and lowered his eyes from the LORD.  And the LORD saith, All will desire thee, Castiel, but none will know thy favor.    Except Dean Winchester.

And it was good.

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DeanCas moments season 9. Posting for all the people who are maybe not so invested anymore… Personally, it was delicious seeing all these scenes together because watching the season one ep at time I felt there weren’t as many as in Season 8. Not to mention all is not there, some small bits like Dean and Cas talking over the phone & Gabriel calling Cas Dean’s “Boytoy” are not on the video. So screw what other people are saying, what the show staff/actors are saying publicly… ‘cause you’d have to be blind not to understand where exactly this whole Destiel thing comes from the show duh. There’re thousands of general viewer stories out there, but let me just add that both my sister and boyfriend (who only watch a few eps here and there nowadays) yelled WITH DEAN when Metatron delivered his famous “He’s in love….” line (before I even could open my mouth over the shock I though they’d actually go there lol).


Looks like Dean is the reigning champion

… for the 6th year in a row…

did NOT see that one coming!

JFC your annotations are A+ 

I coughed up my drink, oh god

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You know what I love about this? Jensen could have held the pig between him and Misha (tucked into his right arm instead of his left). It would have shifted Jensen’s entire body away from Misha, though. Instead of his head leaning into Misha (like it is here!), his head would be leaning away from Misha with the pig between them.

It’s the subtle things that make me sooo happy!

I was at that con, too, and the thing that struck me the most!  Was that Misha initially gave the pig to Jared.  Like he comes up on stage, dressed in costumy Western wear, holding a pig and….pointedly comes to stand beside Jared, looking shy.   Jared gets up, says something, takes pig, hands it to Jensen….and then Jared moves around to Jensen’s OTHER SIDE, so that he is not between Misha and Jensen.  

I like to imagine that Jared’s unheard comment was something along the lines of “Where did you find a pig?  I assume this is for Jensen, right?”  And rolls his eyes, hands pig to Jensen and basically removes himself from a five-minute interlude of cockles flirting over cute lil pig.  Also, like five seconds after that, cockles (of course) are magnetically drawn to each other….

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Here is the proof, Nonny!

The first was taken by a fan who saw Jensen out in public with baby JJ and snuck a photo.

The second is one of the first photos of West that Misha shared.

As a mother of three, IMO the most likely scenario is that Misha and Vicki gifted Jensen and Danneel the baby blanket.

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